About InternetButtons.com™

Our objective is to make the Internet easier for people to access.  We do this by:

1.  Using simple screens of buttons so you don't need to type anything or read any small print to get to websites.  These screens of buttons will also be helpful for use with touch-screen devices - both mobile and in the home.

2.  Making popular and interesting websites available (and remind people that they exist).

3.  Putting pressure on the content providers to make their content available on the Internet.  Please complain to any company that does not make their content available, including radio & TV stations, TV networks, movie studios, sports, etc.  There is no excuse to not have all content available on the Internet.  People can pay for it by viewing the advertising or by paying directly.

Note:  We do not condone, and are 100% against, illegal transferring of content, and we do not want to link to websites with illegal or adult content, or websites that facilitate the transfer of such content.  If you find this on any of the websites we link to, please notify us at webmaster@InternetButtons.com .

Stay tuned as we have plans for future enhancements! 

Thank you for using our website!