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7.  Check your Internet speed by clicking hereClick on your type of location (such as "at home"), then click on "Compare your result", then go down the page and see the comparison.  Note that "ADSL" speeds are not applicable to homes.  Phone-company Internet services use DSL, which is 128 Kbps to 3 Mbps (3,000 Kbps).  Your actual speed should not vary much from the level that you are paying for since you have an individual wire that goes all the way out to the neighborhood connection box, which might then be hooked to a fiber-optic cable.  

For "Cable" TV, while cable modem technology can theoretically support up to about 30 Mbps (cable TV wires are thicker than phone wires), most providers offer service with between 1 Mbps and 6 Mbps (although I typically see 10 Mbps with my highest-tier service, and I am in a complex of 87 units).  Your speed is often lower (especially in the evenings if a lot of people in your neighborhood are watching videos/TV shows/movies), because it depends on the load that neighbors are using since all of you share the same connection to the system.

Finally, DSL and cable Internet providers often implement so-called "speed caps" that limit the bandwidth of their services (which can cut your bandwidth down to as low as 2 Mbps).

See more information by clicking here.  

For video streaming of Standard Definition video, the speed should be at minimum 256 to 384 Kbps (Kilo-bits-per-second), which is less than 1 Mbps (Mega-bits per second = 1,000 Kbps), "DVD" quality (720p) needs about 1.5 Mbps, and HD video (1080p) requires over 2 Mbps to be smooth.

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